Bird Creek Ranch
Grassfed Montana Beef and Lamb
Raising meat has been an integral part of the family tradition for five generations.  Under Montana’s Big
Sky, Bird Creek Ranch cattle and sheep produce meats that reflect the family’s long-time tradition of
sustainable stewardship of the land.  
Our beef and gourmet lamb are for consumers interested in knowing where their meat comes from.  It is
an excellent source of high quality protein in a low fat diet.  Our animals are raised on native Montana
grasses and hay that provide the health benefits of nature’s linoleic acids.  We don’t use hormone implants
or routine antibiotics.   The animals are slaughtered and butchered in a local USDA inspected facility, then
aged to enhance flavor and tenderness and flash-frozen to maintain freshness for delivery or shipment.  
Ordering Meat from BCR
Place your order with us by either emailing a copy of the order blank to us at,
dropping it in the mail, or giving us a call.  We deliver regularly in the Great Falls, Cascade, and Helena,
MT areas.  Other deliveries are handled on a case by case basis.  We want to make living locally a
convenient part of your life.
Beef by Subscription Service
In addition to beef by the piece or by the carcass, we also offer beef by subscription if you don’t have room
in your freezer for a half beef but want to take advantage of the carcass price.  We deliver your half or
whole carcass in four deliveries in the area, and you pay in four installments.   A required $100 deposit is
applied to your order and a $.25/pound additional charge added for the service.  
Other Highland Products Available
  1.  Highland skulls, cleaned and finished.  $300-$500, depending on horn size.
  2.     Highland hides (black or red) with hair on.  Garment grade tan.  $600-$700, depending on size.    
Other Sheep Products Available
  1.  Icelandic pelts (black, white, mixed).  Garment grade tan.  $100-$400, depending on size and color.
  2.  Icelandic roving, ideal for spinning.  Natural colors.  $8.50 per 4 oz. ball.
  3.  Icelandic yarns, sport weight.  Natural colors.  $9.95 per 2 oz. skein.
Breeding Stock  
    • Purebred Highland calves available in the fall.
    • Purebred Highland bulls available immediately.
    • Limited number of purebred 1-2 year-old Highland heifers available immediately.
Books and Leaflets
    •    Hands of Harvest Craft Heritage Trails Guidebook -- $6
We try to make ordering and receiving our products easy for you.  Just contact us with your questions or
for help with your order.
           telephone: (406)468-2160
           mailing address:  Bird Creek Ranch, PO Box 532, Cascade, Montana, USA  59421
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