Bird Creek Ranch
Highland cattle, an old breed with a colorful history, have been part of the Bird Creek Ranch landscape since 1997 because they are cost effective producers of low cholesterol, high quality beef.
Bird Creek Grassfed Beef
Bird Creek Ranch Highlands are raised on the ranch’s pasture and hay, producing the quality and healthy beef that Highlands are known for.  Independent testing laboratories have found that grassfed Highland beef is lower in cholesterol than chicken and bison.  Generations of careful breeding insures the tenderness of what has been called “The Queen’s Beef.”  Bird Creek Ranch Highlands produce an excellent source of high quality protein that is a part of a healthy diet and complements a low-fat diet.  Check out The Store for information and prices for our beef sold by the piece or by the half carcass.
A Bit of Breed History
The Highlands at Bird Creek Ranch reflect the distinct characteristics of a centuries-old breed.  The backbone of Scotland’s cattle industry, Highlands came from mingling a line of slightly smaller and usually black Kyloes that lived on the islands off the west coast of northern Scotland and a line of generally red cattle living in the remote Highlands.  U.S. Breeders first imported them in the late 1800’s.
Breed Characteristics
  1.        Have docile, inquisitive, even temperaments.
  2.     Are protected by their sweeping horns and long, shaggy hair.
  3. Have a thick hide that protects against the elements and produces fine leather.
  4. Are hardy and disease resistant.
  5. Graze and utilize a variety of plants, including weeds such as Canadian thistle.    
  6. Are marked by a range of colors -- black, red, yellow, dun, white, brindle and silver.
  7. Are small sized -- full-size cow weighs about 1000 pounds, bulls about 1800 pounds.
  8. Thrive in a range of climactic conditions.
  9. Clear brushy areas with speed and efficiency. 
  10. Are disease resistant because of dossan that shields the eyes from blowing snow and insects.
  11. Are mild mannered and do not stress easily. 
  12. Produce low birth-weight calves, allowing pasture calving.
  13. Are excellent, attentive mothers that protect calves from active predator populations. 
  14. Produce active and alert calves that nurse within minutes after birth.
  15. Are strong milk producers
  16. Are long-lived    
  17. Produce low-birth weight calves in cross-breeding situations.
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